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115054, Moscow 21/4 Staraya Basmannaya ul.

Phone: +7 (495) 772-95-90 * 12481

Email: fldepartment@hse.ru; langhse@gmail.com

Head of the School Ekaterina Kolesnikova

Secretary's phone number: +7 (495) 772-95-90 ext. 23152

Deputy Head of the School Nadezhda Vradiy
Maria Popugaeva
Deputy Head of the School Maria Popugaeva
Book chapter
Positive Communication: a Marketing Strategy or a Humanitarian Agenda?

Elena V. Moshnyaga.

In bk.: Лингвистика и образование. Материалы международной научно-практической конференции, посвященной 150-летию Московского педагогического государственного университета. г. Москва, 24-25 ноября 2022 г.. M.: 2023. P. 152-157.

Working paper
Digital resources on the Uralic languages of Siberia: an overview, evaluation and application

Fedotova I.

Arts and Humanities. No. osf.io, 2023

Academic Conference “The Youth in Science: Challenges and Prospects”

The conference "The Youth in Science: Challenges and Prospects" held on March 15 brought together HSE students with an interest in a range of modern scientific fields. This year the meeting turned out to be a completely unique one. We  adhered to the already well-established online conference format, making it possible for students from all campuses to participate in the meeting  both as presenters  and listeners. In addition, students of all faculties studying English at Pokrovsky Boulevard building were invited to take part in the conference. Apart from this, we have received invaluable help from our colleagues at the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Computer Science and the Faculty of Social Sciences, as well as from our graduate students. This experience proves that academic traditions can be sustained by  a  high level of motivation and enthusiasm that characterize HSE students and employees.

Academic Conference “The Youth in Science: Challenges and Prospects”


Yulia Mikhailovna Chanturidze, School of Foreign Languages, assistant professor, organiser:

I believe  such conferences  to be  very beneficial for students, as they develop their academic culture as well as their communication skills in an academic context. Practicing the ability to use a foreign language to present their research will allow students to feel more confident at these types of events in later years. 

Olga Evgenievna Kuzina, Faculty of Social Sciences, Professor, Academic Supervisor of Educational Program "Sociology":

The students who participated in the conference demonstrated an excellent command of both language and research skills. I believe that such conferences are necessary to foster students' skills in presenting their own research projects in English.

Maria Afonina, graduate student, moderator:

The conference "The Youth in Science. Challenges and Prospects" is remarkable for the unique opportunity to expand the horizons of the speakers and listeners both in professional and linguistic directions. The topics of the presentations were relevant and covered different areas of economics and aroused a sincere interest to continue studying them on their own. Another strength of the conference is that its participants were willing to engage in conversation and took an active part in the discussions. Many thanks to the hosts for the opportunity to be part of such an event, to escape from the daily routine and to spend time as efficiently as possible.

Diana Kazbekova, graduate student, moderator:

The conference "The Youth in Science. Challenges and Prospects" is a great chance to develop skills in presenting one' s projects. This experience is undoubtedly useful for students who are beginning to master the research methods and are ready to share their observations with others. I would give special thanks to the hosts for the introductory section before each presentation, giving a gentle lead-in to the topic at hand as well as endearing it to the audience. 

Maria Tikhonova, graduate student, moderator:

When I was invited to lead a section at the student conference "The Youth in Science. Challenges and Prospects", I was excited about the invitation. All the presentations of the section were extremely interesting, dedicated to the most relevant and in-demand topics in the field of computer science and economics. For many students it was their first experience of participating in conferences, so it was twice as pleasant to see that they managed to prepare excellent reports and present them decently. I hope they will continue to improve their research in the future and obtain outstanding achievements!

Nadezhda Mikhailovna Bessmertnova, student at the Faculty of Social Sciences:

In March 2022, my term paper colleagues and I were able to participate in "The Youth in Science: Challenges and Prospects" conference. It was my first experience of participating in a scientific event, and I am glad that my exposure to science in my second year of university turned out this way.

At the conference we were able to present the methodology and the primary results of our sociological research. The comments we received from our academic supervisor, Olga Evgenievna Kuzina, were taken into account in further work on the research project to improve it. Thus, we managed to develop essential critical thinking skills.

With the conference being held in English, it allowed me to expand my communication skills and get out of my comfort zone. For my major and subsequent development, it is extremely necessary to be able to briefly present a research project in a foreign language (research proposal). Therefore, the assistance of the English language teacher Yulia Mikhailovna Chanturidze during preparation was also precious.

This year the conference brought together about 190 students from HSE. Next year we welcome students from as many faculties as possible from all of the HSE campuses to share the results of their research experiences.