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115054, Moscow

21/4 Staraya Basmannaya ul.

Phone: +7 (495) 772-95-90 внутр. 12096, 12481

Email: fldepartment@hse.ru; langhse@gmail.com



School Head — Elena Solovova


Deputy Head — Elena Markova

Polymer film strain gauges for measuring large elongations
In print

Savenkova I., Kondratov A. P., Zueva A. M. et al.

IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering (MSE). 2018.

Book chapter
Promoting Self-regulation in EMI Teaching

Baranovskaya T., Shaforostova V.

In bk.: 4th International Multidisciplinary Scientific Conference on Social Sciences and Arts. Science&Society. Conference Proceedings. Volume iV. Education and Educational Research. Sofia: STEF92 Technology Ltd., 2017. P. 455-462.

Working paper
Synonyms for ‘Man, Warrior’ in Laȝamon’s "Brut" and Old English Alliterative Poetry

Volkonskaya M. A.

Literary Studies. WP BRP. Высшая школа экономики, 2017. No. WP BRP 22/LS/2017.

Rabota.ru: start seeking your dream job during first year!

‘Stay updated on interesting companies’ news!’ — such a piece of advice may seem unusual at first sight, but that was what chief editor of Rabota.ru website Anna Chukseeva suggested. The expert explained bachelor and master students how to stay updated, how to meet the employer you dream of and how to compose a good CV.

No wonder there was a full house at the presentation — the employment issue remains to be of great current interest for the vast majority of students. Moreover, considering the fact that the current situation on the labour market is quite challenging, it is the right time to start thinking on how to find a decent job. The earlier you start to think about it, the bigger chance you have to find a job you want. As Anna Chukseeva had explained to the students, one should start seeking a dream job during one’s first year at university. First and foremost, you should define the field where you would be able to realize your potential fully. Anna illustrated her presentation with clear statistical data on the specialists who have a good command of foreign languages being in demand on the labour market, including translators, interpreters, teachers, journalists, etc. She also told students about advantages of speaking a few foreign languages. She also encouraged the audience with the following information: big international companies allow graduates with a great command of foreign languages for the internships and hire them willingly.

The students also learned that if they want to work in big companies, they need to start following their news, their activities and development, to get acquainted with their representatives, both on the Internet (on social networks) and offline (for example, at career expos, on career days, etc.)

‘It’s not the job that should seek for you, but you who should seek for the job’, — Anna emphasized. The HSE students received useful advice on how to write a resume, what it should include and what it should not. What is more, everyone who wished to learn more about composing a resume was able to consult the expert individually.

Master students shared their impressions on the presentation:

"Anna, Rabota.ru chief editor, held a useful workshop. In her presentation she told us not only about the positions we can apply for after getting our degree in Linguistics, but also about the languages which are currently relevant on the labour market now. What is more, Anna cited the percentage rating of vacancies according to different foreign languages. We followed the workshop in a friendly and warm atmosphere. I find invaluable that every participant of the presentation can send their resume to Anna, and she will comment on it. It’s very useful!"

Lyubov Vinogradova
Postgraduate student, 2nd year

"At the meeting with Rabota.ru chief editor we jumped at the opportunity to receive all the information we are interested in at first hand. For instance, it was important for me to find out whether my CV should contain my whole work experience, including volunteer work and work that is not relevant for my current profession."

Ksenia Bekmansurova
Postgraduate student, 2nd year


This workshop was just the beginning of our friendly cooperation with Rabota.ru. We hope to see Anna and her colleagues at our university again at such interesting and useful events. Our students really need our professional help and support!